a tranquility tale

the sea isles series, book one

a love story involving family, friends, & foes


Sexy Abigail takes care of everyone in her circle of family and friends. Ruggedly attractive Joseph would like them to become a couple. Yet conflicting emotions and other people -- namely Abigail’s ex -- keep them apart. Amid misfortune, and Abigail’s ex attempting to advance himself, can the seemingly star-crossed lovers pull through?

Sultry Aqua meets a dashing Latin business owner. He asks, and she accompanies him to several coastal isles. There the strangest things begin to happen; thus triggering Aqua to ask questions. However, it seems as though her inquiries have caused...all hell to break loose! Who, or what, wants her silenced, forever? Desperation summons the High Priestess. Yet Aqua can only wonder. Will help arrive, in time?

For decades he preached to many. He often taught on salvation and sin, but does he harbor secrets -- sins of his own?She appeared the picture of perfection, the preacher's wife. Yet it was said, she wasn't the perfect mate. What was amiss?Younger, she grew up in the pastor's house. This is her story. Topaz was the talented, dutiful daughter…Was she not?They all wanted the son of promise, but did they want him this way?


told as only a preacher's kid can tell it


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Mysteriously thrilling! 


undeniably erotic! 


Realistic, Good books for adults


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April Alisa Marquette, author adult fiction


April AlisaMarquette