Photo: Tina Dennis

Photo: Tina Dennis

 Tawdry   & tense

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April Alisa Marquette, author





April Alisa Marquette, author adult fiction


Desire captivating adult fiction, as well as non-fiction? If you are one who simply wants good books to read; if you enjoy the journey -- as well as arriving at a destination, then get ready for a ride! Remember that while reading her, just when you think you know what will happen next, she will throw you a wicked curve. Amid 'experiencing' this prolific author's realistic fiction, shed a tear one moment then laugh out loud the next -- and by all means, do fall in love.

Visit a little known island. Feel the gentle tradewinds, also feel as though you've stepped back in time. Keep your eyes open though. Something sinister is at play -- and YOU don't want to be the next victim! 



Tranquility town is quaint and cute. It is  suburbia at its best. Yet there seem to be undercurrents. Are people really not as happy as they appear? What actually  goes on when the shades are pulled and doors are closed?



April AlisaMarquette


This series allows you to become privy to the lives of three women and their gay male friend, beautiful, buff Beau. All are lovey-dovey -- until one of the women betrays him. Find out why.


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