love it!

On Turnabout - I am reading the book and I  love it!       

I love Abigail! She is like me. And Joseph, I LOVE him! I love the way he talks to her, it is so sweet. He is so sexy. ... Mona Lisa is a hot mess. I hope the characters stay true to the end of the book. I can't wait to go home and read some more. I got Absolution. I told my sister about your books. She  will buy some too.

Sharon J

Ft  Lauderdale, FL

beautifully written masterpiece

On Progression -  a    wonderful  story with ups and downs and a few surprises that made me laugh! ...Amazing. Can't wait to finish the others in the series!    

Adam C

Cumming, GA

On Seedling - That book is so little and cute. It made me laugh. I learned something. I was abused and nobody knew. I had tears too. That book was good for me.

There is another one, yes?   


a fan

Hope there is a sequel.

Absolution is about the lives of four friends. With drama piled on top of drama, will they remain friends until the end?

...Very good book. Entertaining, enjoyable and fun.  I really liked April Marquette's message ... Hopefully there will be a sequel.

OOSA Online Book Club

Worldwide Web, USA

On Turnabout - Loved the story, but hated the ending.  I wanted to know who...  Hope there is a sequel.

L Dawson

Amazon Kindle

I am a big fan  of Ms. Marquette's work and Turnabout, her latest novel is a beautifully written  masterpiece.          Ms. Marquette's writing delves deep into emotions that are not easily written or discussed; heartbreak, death, friendship, and the glory of love.  I couldn't put down this  page turner and wanted to sob with Abigail during her difficult moments, pummel Darre, (goodness, what a horrible individual!), and secretly urge the romantic and oh-so-decent Josep on with each chapter. This is a   lovely, lovey story that is worth reading again and again.

Tamela Quijas

Author, Blood Moon

The book Absolution  is a tasy treat. I have to read whenver I can.  I feel like I  am actually there in the story because the writing is so real. ...Very gifted and skillful writing. Everyone should  experience these books.


I have read Absolution & Progression, very good books and that is coming from a man. Damn the lady can  create a story. The characters and the story line brings you into a place that is different when you want to leave the place you're at. I can believe  this is real, and the wedding is something I would love to have.  


Loganville, GA

inner demons.

Absolution & Progression are both excellent reads. The characters are real, I could feel their emotions. Each character has their own inner demons. 

I just could not put these books down! I highly recommend both books to all. I anticipate with excitement the arrival of ...Exodus.  

Sheri W

Sandwich, IL

On Iniquities - This is a beautiful journey into Beau's life.

Moving & heatwarming, Iniquities is the con-

clusion of a trilogy... In order to really understand, you need to read the first two books 'Absolution' and

'Progression' the first two books in the trilogy. I highly

 recommend this series.

Georgiann H review

this lady can write! 

Exodus was a breath of fresh air, as entrancing as the wonderful character of Aqua. As a reader, I fel Aqua grow, fallin in love with a man that truly deserves her, and begin to live life in the fullest. Noel--mmm... Ms. Marquette draws an image of a man that is human and oh-so-believable--filled with mistakes, grief, pain, joy and love. As always she gives me a character I love to hate--who doesn't deserver the beautiful heroine or her love. Thankfully, the hero is her perfect foil, and April's description is always a bit breathtaking but human...

Paranorma Romance Author- My Lord Raven

Tamela Quijas


On Rebuke  - Dang, this lady can write!

As a man who didn't go to church much as I was growing up, I always held the preacher a little higher than other men. After reading this story I still do. Only now I see pastor differently, maybe as being more human. This lady made this story believable, and she makes you understand why the preacher and his people did what they did...

Logan #1 fan

B&N Reviews


Improbable is my  favorite book and I have read everything you wrote. I have my Ms. Marquette collection at my house on a shelf. I loved 'The Cohorts' but now this 'Generation Next' is ratchet! I can't wait for the next book, or for the sequel to Exodus. Where is it? I love you.

Donald 'The Don' Makeba

ChiTown USA

Great Story.

I got why it's called Turnabout.

Will there be a sequel?

Super Busy Mom

Alpharetta, GA


On Exodus - the magic behind April Alisa Marquette's writing --she slips the reader into a world where her characters are believable--filled with mistakes, grief, pain, joy, and love. 

Tamela Quijas 


Improbable is The Cohort's Next Generation. Their children see what everyone on the island was talking about. Why some said three men couldn't all be in love with the same Woman, Gemma Janelle. Jeremy, the Home Wares heir, Trip, the sheriff, and one of Hollywood's hottest actors, Nile Narcissi - all three men love her and would do anything for her. Ashlee, a bottled blond will go to any lengths to replace Gemma in Jeremy's heart. An  engrossing & sexual coming of age story. See how twisted love can make  you take a wrong turn. If you enjoyed, loved The Cohort Trilogy you'll truly enjoy 'The Cohorts Generation Next.' I  can't wait             for the next book in the series!

Lady G

Amazon Reviews

A heartfelt story

On Turnabout - A nicely, flowing, entertaining read. Easily step into the story...feel the love, laughter, drama and tears ...One friend crosses the line... leading to a shocking discovery.

Sharon Martin 

Beck Valley Books, UK

On Rebuke - As you read, you become involved in it and in the sleepy little town of Tranquility. You realize no one is perfect, not even a man of God.

Lady G 


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