luv it!


On Rebuke - I've read all your books and I want to say something. I wish teenagers and Y A would stop reading them and getting upset because they can't relate. I hate kids and I have granddaughters. They think everything is for them and it's not, you're not. They have the vampire/werewolf books... Adults have you. I loved Rebuke, especially the preacher. You let us get to know him and see that he was troubled. I could see his and Naomi's house. My mother was a woman like her, someone from another generation. I give the book 4 Stars.

I see it is part of a series. I anticipate the next one.

Lee Ann C.

Suwanee, GA



I've told everyone I know about these books. ...Real, they defy color, creed, and race. They just showcase people. I felt as if I knew the characters. I laughed aloud and I cried. I am your fan Ms. Marquette -- forever! I know I seem to be writing a book but... You are universal, you touch the heart. Please hurry with more books. God bless you.

Seattle, Washington

You can't write them fast enough for me!


I am a white professional woman who purchased both Absolution & Progression. I was not disappointed. I fell in love. I will purchase the third book in the trilogy. I can't wait!                   


jolted me


Dear April,  ...I have forced myself to slowly read only a few chapters a day of  Absolution. I've completed your book and am lonesome, missing participation in you character's lives. You should be so proud... Your book was sad and tense and jolted me  a few times. Absolution drew me into a world and culture which wasn't mine, but which became mine through your  captivating prose.  I am so proud of you.



biggest fan


On Absolution - Girl, you are going to have me as your biggest fan in Orlando. You had me read your book in one sitting. How did you come up with the characters? Love it! Love it!

4 Stars.

heatbreaking, teachable, charming


Just finished reading Seedling - it's a very interesting,  heatbreaking, teachable, charming, hilarious book. A must read. Highly recommended. Congratulations to Jessica and April!
Stanley Stlouis - President

Sola Fide Christian Bookstore


On Turnabout - I'm a sixty-something. Normally, I read non-fiction, religious, self-help informative books. I have most of your fiction though, but finding time to read during my hectic life is the problem. I went on vacation, and read Abigail and Joseph's story. I really liked it, and the male character. There is something that he said to Abigail near the end of the book that made my heart flip.  I have since started on 'Exodus' but don't tell the members at my church. I don't know if they could handle these books, or the idea that I am reading them. (That is a little joke.) Yet the experiences are so real they are almost raw at times. The hope and the love shines through. Ms. Marquette, you are my new relaxation favorite. I see  you write non-fiction too. I hope to pick up the sequel to 'Exodus.'

Reverend Lady

North GA

redemption and hope

Awesome job.



Hi April -- Re: Absolution, great storytelling

Your characters have so much drama going on, many of us can relate. Keep up the great writing :)
Brooklyn, NY.


On Rebuke - This book was juicy and riveting.

It had elements that were so true to life. It was captivating and you don’t want to stop reading...
B&N, Reviews


On Sowing - I like good sequels because that means there is more of the story to come…Why is Jessica’s story so important? It is a story of her life and how she rose above adversity to become a powerful woman of God. In 'Sowing' the second installment of the Relinquish and Reap series, Jessica is a pre-teen. She suffers... Jessica made it through by drawing closer to God and praising Him through the storms of her life. Her story is one of healing, redemption and hope.

BellaOnline - Christian Literature Editor,

Lyn Sedmina

On Rebuke - Preacher Moon took over when his Father passed away... For decades his life was an open book... But is he above reproach? Topaz the daughter, beautiful, talented, and dutiful...even she has a secret. A heartfelt story. As you read, you become involved in it and in the sleepy little town of Tranquility. You realize no one is perfect, not even a man of God. He too can make an error in judgement. Look forward to more books by author April Alisa Marquette.

Lady G
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On Turnabout - As a reader of mostly Self-help/New Age writings I didn't think  I would find myself   captivated...  I quickly found myself engulfed in the story of every woman's life; a tale of romance, betrayal, secrets, heartache, trust, faith, and hope between family, friends, and lovers. It's a must-read that will pull you away from your present world and takes you through

suspense, joy, pain, and laughter.
Maisha McGee-Childs


Absolution - Off the chain! Ronni and Vaughn are such whores. Luv it!
Duluth, GA.

5 Stars

I loved Exodus, the characters are well rounded and you experienced what they felt. A must read for mystery romance lovers.
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On Exodus - Mz Marquette I am you fan for ever!! I never hear of you before, but I read Exodus. I see on Amazon. You book It was fabulous. I like how you describe. I see the everything. I feel I can hear the every thing too. I feel pulled inside book while I read. I feel like I am read Gond With Wind. I like to know more about other women in you book. I feel I will like to read about Priestess. Now I can not wait for sequel! You are  new adult favorite.                   

Many thanks! Much love to you.
Emiliana Fabrizia
Catania, Italy

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Hey April,
Finished Progression. I really dig Beau's story line and it was cool how u had that little red-head boy so well described! I feel as if I met him. 
Awesome job. You rock!
no town

Drama! Progression continues with the foundation laid and characters of Absolution. The Cohorts return and drama is their middle name. April Alisa Marquette's second book is a great piece of work. She has another winner. Marquette's imagination is vivid, her characters lively and the story flowed well. I'm looking forward to the third part of this trilogy.
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