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provocative and poignant

Thought-provoking, wicked and sexy.

Shed a tear one moment, laugh out loud the next!

the cohort trilogy, book ii

the cohort trilogy, book iii

the cohort trilogy, book i





the cohorts 

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Fast-paced and riveting!

You loved The Cohorts, now meet the next generation. Book One of 

'The Cohorts, Generation Next' introduces sexy brown Gemma. Second generation Hollywood, the tabloids love her, as do three men, one of whom is 'the heir.' Sure, blond brooding Jeremy has loved others, but not the way he loves Gemma. Yet their relationship is a struggle. Fake blue-eyed Ashlee believes she can fix Jeremy's problem, and her own -- by getting rid of Gemma.


April Alisa Marquette's dazzling debut novel! A provocative, witty, sexy, and sometimes sad all-night-read. Book I in The Cohort Trilogy depicts three women and their gay male roommate, Beau. The four friends call themselves Cohorts and believe their friendship is near perfect, until... One of the women betrays beautiful buff Beau -- by cavorting with his man. Then oh, the drama! Amidst, one of The Cohorts winds up with a deep dark secret. It is a truth may further hurt all involved.

Book III, The Cohort Trilogy closer. You loved him in the first two books! Now learn how Beau, Beauregard DeVeaux and the women in his life became forever friends. Take a peek into his closeted world; see his sexcapades, his lifestyle, his loves, and his longings. Join him on the turbulent ride that just might finally tear his family of friends apart. Become privy to Beau's joys as well as his sorrows. See why some things can only be considered… Iniquities.

The 2nd Novel in The Cohort Trilogy. The continuing story of The Cohorts -- three women and buff, beautiful Beau, who was once their gay male roommate. Everyone should be older and wiser as they deal with things they could never have expected…Has the woman who abused Beau as a child re-surfaced? Is she really involved with Beau's skanky former lover? Which cohort is desperate for a baby? Which cohort shuns a proposal? Is it fact or fiction that one of the women is deceased?



April Alisa Marquette, author adult fiction


April AlisaMarquette

the cohorts, generation next