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While attending college she enjoyed Creative Writing and Literature electives. Thus, the path for her life was charted. However, on the journey to becoming an author, she worked at Manhattan publishing houses and on Wall Street, for one of Americas most recognized real estate tycoons. This author whose women's fiction has been called 'spicy' has also worked in the commercial technology arena.



While fashioning her novels that have been called powerfully erotic and emotionally-jolting, she keeps the reader ever before her. She never wants them to simply see words on a page. Therefore, she strives to make her work come to life.

Whether she's penning fiction or non-fiction, she'd like to make readers pause, and think. She also offers hope. Happily married, she does not succumb to the notion that every story should have an upbeat ending. However, while creating her unforgettable works, she would like for readers to glimpse light at the end of the tunnel. As a reader herself, April has a soft spot for other readers. It is why she is most interested in what they have to say. Therefore on the 'Contact' page, she welcomes comments. And don't forget to check out her videos!

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Not only is she the author of adult fiction, but native New Yorker April Alisa

Marquette is an editor. She garnered her love for reading from her mother, a songwriter/recording artist. Ever active in the arts, mom often read to April and her siblings when they were quite young. From her father who pastored, she learned to research and write, a prelude to her realistic fiction.


April Alisa Marquette, author adult fiction


on her novels

April AlisaMarquette

As one who has been writing for more than twenty years, it is her endeavor to carefully craft sagas that offer unobstructed views into the lives of her characters.  Truly believing art mirrors life, she says, 'If it happens in real life, it happens in my books.'  Therefore, through her life stories, she dispenses charm, wit, drama, and realistic dialogue. Since family is important to her, she has also consciously chosen to offer readers the same: 'friends and family members' that they may not otherwise have.

April, a playwrite and motivational speaker, successfully tutored middle and high school students. These students others had given up on. She has also worked with non-profit organizations to empower women and teens entering the job market. At present, she volunteers at her local library. There, one of the things she does is aid patrons to use the library's computers. With young people, this prolific writer often shares tips on crafting stories as well as good books to read. 



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