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Many said it was not likely that the blond, moody, Home Wares heir; the caramel brown sheriff; and one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, were all in love with the same woman -- Gemma Janelle. Others dismissed the notion that the woman in question could actually love each of the men. Regardless...

Long-limbed curvaceous Gemma Janelle, a second generation actress often found herself in sticky situations, when she really only wanted to get things right with one man…

The talk had been all over the isle of Karina Cay since brown Gemma and strawberry blond Jeremy were kids. Yet there were people who dismissed the current stories as highly improbable.

Newcomer Ashlee knows. People think she's a bimbo. That is okay; the misconception often works to her advantage. Having secured a new name and new bazooms, she has one obstacle left...that black chick, Gemma Janelle. With her out of the way, Ashlee will have the man often referred to as 'the heir.'  Right?

Sexy introverted Jeremy Baptiste Harden had indeed loved other women, but not one with the intensity he felt for Gemma. Nevertheless, the brooding heir to two fortunes was tired of seeing her likeness in the tabloids -- with other men! But how could he not love her?

the cohorts, generation next


See how twisted love can take very wrong turns.

Readers  love the provocative Cohort Trilogy.
Many were sad to see it close.
Well . . . now Beau and the ladies are back

-- and you get to meet their offspring in: 

April Alisa Marquette's

Latest fiction!

the cohorts, Generation Next



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